Professional Work

a short summary of the kind of projects I've been working on during my daytime job

  • 2018-2019: extraction and standardization of data from varying sources in the automotive industry, especially about electronic control units (ECU) and vehicle diagnostics.
  • 2015-2019: development of a machine learning platform as web service with heavy customizations for several customers. I started to work on this project from scratch while I was still a master student, which allowed me to hone my Python skills and to get comfortable with pandas, scikit-learn and keras. As of 2018 we had projects for three costumers in production and the code base is still under active development.
  • 2014-2018: building knowledge graphsand other semantic data structures based on Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Pet Projects

Here you'll find a non-exhaustive list of software-related projects I've built or contributed to in my free time or as part of an assignment.

  • cookiecutter-server(2021): a local development server to get live previews of cookiecutter templates. code, pypi
  • personio-py(2020-2023): a lightweight PersonioAPI client library for Python. code, docs, pypi.
  • AT Python Template(2020-2023): the official Python Project Template of Alexander Thamm GmbH. It is designed to bridge the gap between exploratory work and production-ready projects. code and docs.
  • Epic Search(2017): a session-based semantic search engine, written as part of my master's thesis. Code on github.
  • Bigger Train Stations(2017): a mod for the game Transport Fever. It adds more options to the train stations available in the game, like more tracks and longer platforms. You can get it from the Steam Workshop, the code is on github.
  • maps4cim (2013): a real-world map generator for the traffic simulation game Cities in Motion 2. Relies on free geospatial data from the SRTMand OpenStreetMap.
  • c4(2013): An implementation of the game Connect Fourin the cubic 4x4x4version. It's written in Java, using the jMonkey engine, a 3D game engine based on LWJGL. Never brought it to a state where I was comfortable to publish it, though...
  • WoT omniscient Tables (2012): Detailed information about the vehicles in the computer game World of Tanks.
  • VideoBatchProcessor(2011): A tool to scan hard drives for video files, using custom criteria, and creating a batch file of the selected videos, ready to be automatically processed with widespread video transcoding tools. The code is on github.
  • Catan(2011): An implementation of the classic board game The Settlers of Catan, result of a Java programming course in my third semester at the LMU Munich. In a team of seven we managed to implement a client-server application with a pretty user interface.
  • FS-Location Hack(2010): Rebuild of the publicly accessible parts of the FS-Locationdatabase. The goal was to alert the users and operators of some privacy issues in the social network. Sadly, all the tools and documentation I wrote for this purpose are lost...

You can also stalk me on githuband stackoverflow.