As there are already some sites around the web that are concerned with tank stats, I thought I’d do the world a favor and publish the database, so future projects can concentrate on the presentation and comparison of data, rather than boring crawling…

So, feel free to use the database in your own projects :)


Current Version: 8.4

The database is available as XML document, together with a corresponding Schema-file.

It was generated from Java-objects using JAXB, so basically you could use JAXB to generate the required Java-classes from the XML schema file and unmarshal the XML directly. Of course, you may also download the sourcecode directly from below ;)


The downloads above are available under the Open Database License (ODbL).


How did I get all this data? Well, I didn’t write it down manually from the game, that’s for sure…

I’ve written a crawler that downloads all relevant data from the WoT Wiki. I’ve decided to publish the source code on github, so here you go:

This program is free software, the source code is available under the GPLv3 or later.

Usage: This is a command line utility, so start it from your favorite terminal with

java -jar wotcrawler.jar --help

This prints the help dialogue that explains command line usage. Some sample commands:

# Download Wiki-pages to local folder
java -jar wotcrawler.jar download --folder "/home/user/wot"

# Crawl through Wiki-pages, generate Tank Database (xml)
java -jar wotcrawler.jar crawl --local "/home/user/wot" --database "/home/user/wot-db.xml"

# Optional: Evaluate the database (prints a detailed error report)
java -jar wotcrawler.jar evaluate -src "/home/user/wot-db.xml"

# Export: Generate HTML tables from the database
java -jar wotcrawler.jar export -src "/home/user/wot-db.xml" --rating "/home/user/wot-rating.html"

Sortable Tables

The tables that are used to sort and filter entries are no invention of me. I’m using a Javascript library called HTML Table Filter Generator, which is pretty useful, though it has some limitations.