WoT omniscient Tables

Welcome to the WoT omniscient Tables, a tabularly collection of statistic data for the vehicles that can be used in the popular game World of Tanks. The data is based on the entries in the World of Tanks Wikiand can be updated automatically at any time, so I hope the tables will stay up to date for at least as long as I play WoT from time to time ;)

If you think there is anything wrong with the data, have a look at the known bugsand planned features, and write me an emailor post it in the forumif it's not listed there. I'll try to keep up with bugfixes and implement features that are requested.

If you are totally discontented with me not fixing bugs and the look of this site anyway, have a look at the Developer'sarea. There you can download some source data and try to mess with it on your own.

The Tables

Current Version: 8.4

From the navigation, on top of the site, you can select the tables you want to view. Here is a more detailed description:

  • All-in-one : All relevant information about each single tank is stored in a single table.
  • Tanks & Modules : All database contents are transformed in a table with all tank-specific information and one table for each module type. All tables are linked between each other.
  • Rating : The tables on this site do not contain raw data, but rather a comparisoon of attributes between the tanks.


The tables with the tank data are sortable, support multiple filters and provide some additional nice features. All the interactrive stuff is calculated 100% client-side using Javascript, which basically means two things for you:

  • Use a modern web browserto view the tables, or you might have to deal with instability, sorting errors and weak performance.
  • If you have weak loading times, don't blame me, it's your combination of CPU and browser that is slow ;D

Table Features

  • Sorting: The contents of each column can be sorted by clicking on the title of the row. First click: ascending, second click: descending. Sorting of multiple columns is not supported.
  • Filters: The contents of each column can be filtered. Select one of the values in the dropdown-list (if any) or just start typing in the empty text box above the column header. You can even enter operators in the field like <, >, !, etc. For example to show all tanks above tier 7, just enter " >7" into the text box above Tier. For more information about the available filters, click on the ?on the top right of the table.
  • Hide columns: Too much irrelevant information in your table? Just hide the columns you are not interested in by selecting from the Columnsā–¼dropdown menu on the top of the table.
  • Descriptions: Mouseover titles to read descriptions
  • Clear filters: Click on the symbol in the top right corner to clear all filters. If, for some reason, your table does not have any entries, please click this button before posting a bug report ;)


The example below contains the first tank of the four playable nations, each with it's top and stock equipment.

Select if you want to see the tank's top or stock equipment by choosing ' S ' or ' T ' from the dropdown menu in the first column. Click twice on speed to show the fastest tank on top and write ' >=14' in the Hull Ffield to limit your selection to only tanks with a front hull of at least 14mm.

(to be restored...)

Known Bugs

  • Some of the new british tanks have missing parent-child relations.
  • The modules for the chinese premium tanks WZ-111and Type 59 Gare not available (which may result in negative ratings for now...)
  • Many tanks that were introduced in 8.4 have missing modules, as the wiki has not been updated yet.
  • The T57(US tier 2 SPG) has a nonexisting gun associated, which exceeds all other SPG guns, making it one of the best SPGs in the ratings. Here again, error in the wiki.

Report a bug: emailor forum.

Planned features

  • none right now

Suggest a new feature: emailor forum.



  • Update to 8.4


  • Update to 8.3
  • Minor Improvements (e.g. power/weight ratio)


  • Update to 8.2


  • Update to 8.1
  • Rating system added
  • Many bugfixes


  • WoT omniscient Tables goes online